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Xcite Education is an online learning platform that provides both generalized as well as academic enhancement in skills.
Xcite Education focuses on building a strong base for the students from all sections.

We are a dedicated team with expertise in providing the world-class experience ranging from theoretical to practical knowledge.

The boat of learning will start its sail from the basics of curriculum and will take you to a long voyage of learning in technical skills with programming knowledge and professional development.

The experience with Xcite will be like never before because here is a team of skilled professionals for every single child who chooses us.


Personality Development through Vocabulary

It's important to enhance childs vocabulary so as to make his/her personality filled with more confidence by making them more linguistic.

Problem Solving Classes

Levels are like stairs, you step on one stair successfully then a new stair is their to take you to your goal. In the same way,the problems will be divided into several levels, so that each one of you can differentiate between every question deeply.


Learning with fun is our goal and thus every weekend, you will be having special brainstorming games, fancy puzzles, unsolved questions and a treasure box will be waiting for you on your way.

Monthly Test

Tests brings the best. Learn with us and test your learning by giving monthly tests. No one can stop you from being the best. Perceptions made easy with us.

Online one-to-one learning

If u face any problem in learning path, then for sure you can contact the teachers personally. If still the problem is not resolved, we can take your separate explanation classes. But all our efforts are not for free, because we would then expect you to learn with more attention and achieve higher goals.

Feedback Function

Parents are the soul of a child's career, and that's why we trust your judgement. Every weekend a feedback form will be shared with the respective student, and it's the responsibility of the parents as well as the students to fill that form and tell us what their experience is with Xcite Education. Each and every feedback is valuable for us.

About Xcite Education

Learn from scratch to touch the heights.

Xcite Education is one of the most potential ed-tech companies to work on the STEM Learning. Genuinly, we work on giving one to one interactive sessions to our students to create a brand outreach. We believe in the idea of primary needs of our costumers.

  • One to one coaching
  • Learn with the locals
  • Improve your base with us.
  • Develop with us
  • Learn Go programming with us


We are a compelling team with our 5+ years of experience in ed tech. Industry. We are globally expanding into stem section of the education. As per the requirement of the present scenario, students are not able to make full use of what they were getting by physically being present at school. So it's our duty now to let our students make the best use of their time.

  • Top rankers will get extra study material for free.
  • Overall weekends games winners will get exciting prices.
  • Best feedback will get extra points from Xcite Education.
  • If you are not satisfied with the learning than you can contact to our query interface.
  • Be a regular student and we'll make you the toughest competitor one could ever get.
No matter whether your child chooses science or maths in future, what matters is his/her ability to takle the problems. By learning several programming languages they can understand how actually daily things work.
Now competitive exams preparation courses are at your doorstep. All you need is to learn whatever we teach you. Make best use of learning materials provided by us and crack various National Olympiads.
Science, Maths, Physics, now everything is there for your child all in one. The only thing you have to do is provide us your details of current courses and we will provide your children every basic conceptual details.

Let's have a look about how can we achieve our goals...

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